One in ten dream of Google

Australians are constantly on the lookout for greener working grass. It’s the nature of people to be always looking, assessing and considering whether this job or that job would be better for them – better pay, better hours, better benefits.

So it’s not surprising that three out of every four Australian workers aspire to work somewhere other than where they are. For one in ten Australians, that dream job is at Google.

Google might top the list of Australian’s dream employers but Virgin Group/Richard Branson, Self, Apple, Qantas, The Walt Disney Company, OMD, Sydney Water, Getaway and Coca Cola all have that je ne sais quio.

What is it about these employers that your staff would accept a job offer from them in a heartbeat?

While almost everyone would love jet-setting all over the world and filming fabulous shows for Getaway, other companies have a reputation as great places to work – fun, inspiring and challenging.

With your employees keeping one watchful eye on the job classifieds, how do you make your company appealing to your current and prospective staff?

Company culture is the lynchpin of staff retention and acquisition. It’s what all the dream organisations have in common: a reputation that their organisations are a fantastic place to work.

Accept that employees will always take the occasional, curious look to see if there is something better “for me” out in the market and concentrate on keeping your workplace a desirable safe place to come to every day.