Risk management and Life

Every day when we start our day we automatically review the hazards we face, define the risk to ourselves and manage our life accordingly. We do this without calling it risk management – maybe if we think about it all we would call is just getting on with life

Would you ever use the hair dryer in the shower? Would you let your child put a knife in the toaster to retrieve some bread?  Would you let the children run across the road to catch a bus? No not you!

However just listen to the radio, read the papers, watch TV and hear about the number of pedestrians that are knocked down, the car accidents usually involving speed, alcohol and now mobile phones  and the household accidents we read about in our local papers.

Have you ever known anyone to say they are a bad driver? No we are all good drivers yet how many drive through a stop sign, use their mobile phone when driving, just go that bit faster?

How many people run across the road  ‘cause they are quick and can beat the cars that is driving towards them?

How many people climb the rickety ladder at home to clean the gutters and believe they won’t fall ?

People talk about  “common sense” but  we know full well this doesn’t exist as we all see life and risk through our own eyes and life experiences- there is nothing common about it .

Safety is a life style choice that we accept whether we are at work or at home. It’s up to you!!!