Workplace Risk Assessments

A risk assessment is a thorough look at your workplace to identify those things, situations, processes, activities that may cause harm to people or product

It should be planned, systematic and cover all reasonably foreseeable hazards and associated risks

 An effective systematic approach of managing work place risks:

  • eliminate or reduce the risk of workplace injuries, illness and product damage:
  • promotes and improves workers health, well- being and capacity to work
  • helps foster innovation and improve quality and productivity of work .

Safety Services Australia in consultation with your team complete a hazard/ risk profile of the activities of the organisation. Consultation with the workers in an integral part of the process as we would be drawing on their experience, knowledge and their ultimate buy-in  with the implemented control measures.

Safety Services Australia will identify the hazards and associated risks and ensure this is clearly communicated in writing and supported by photographs that detail the hazards and location of the hazards

Safety Services Australia will assess the identified hazards and prioritised the risk from highest to lowest risk. Assessment will clearly state the inherent risk to health and safety of all persons originating from exposure to each hazard, while considering

  • The severity of harm that could occur
  • The likelihood of that harm occurring.

Recommendations made by Safety Services Australia will be based on best practice and applicable standards. The source of each recommendation will be cited and clearly state the residual risk to health and safety of all persons originating from exposure to each hazard once/if each recommendation is implemented.


Plant and Machinery Assessment

Plant includes any machinery, equipment, appliance, container, implement and tool, and includes any component or anything fitted or connected to any of those things. They may include items as diverse as lifts, cranes, computers, machinery, conveyors, forklifts, vehicles, power tools and amusement devices.

In our competitive world plant and machinery are subject to constant change. New Products and/ or  change mean that machines have to be adapted. Organisations have a responsibility to provide and maintain safe plant and ensure safe use and storage of plant. Let Safety Services Australia assist you.

Safety Services Australia:

  • Conduct a visual inspection of the existing machinery for compliance with Australian Standard, Machinery Safety Series AS 4024.1 – 2006, relevant Federal and relevant state legislation and Codes of Practice
  • Consult with the staff who are working on the plant and machinery
  • Review the current Risk Assessments and SOP’s if available
  • Identify all hazards associated with plant and machinery, prioritise the risks
  • Provide a written report supported by photographs of these hazards and recommendation to eliminate or minimise the risk of incidents. The controls would meet:
    • AS/NZS 4024:2014 Safety of Machinery
    • AS/NZS 4024.3610:2015 Safety of Conveyors and
    • AS1657:2013 Fixed Walkways, Stairways and Ladders


Workplace inspections 

Workplace inspections are performed to ensure a safe working environment is maintained. These inspections aim to identify hazards in the workplace and to minimise risks to health, safety or environmental harm.

Normally conducted internally, Safety Services Australia provide a fresh set of eyes to the workplace and in consultation with the staff conduct a workplace inspection which may cover but not limited to:

  • Emergency/security procedures and knowledge
  • Maintenance workshop /Hot work/Electrical safety
  • Hazardous chemicals – storage, handling and documentation
  • Machine guarding and potential risks
  • Storage & racking systems
  • PPE / spill kits/ first aid kits
  • Emergency procedures
  • Housekeeping
  • Traffic flow
  • Review of reports on incidents and injuries, training programs, induction and safety meetings.

For more information please contact Safety Services Australia on   +61 2 9634 5912

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