Onsite Training

Our onsite Work Safety Training course include but not limited to:

State approved Health & Safety Representative Training

WHS/OHS  Consultation Committee  Training. While there is no mandatory training required in NSW for WHS Consultation members, there is a requirement for the PCBU to provide relevant training to the members to enable them to be a positive effective committee.

Manual Handling Technique Training – topics may include but not limited to

  • The risks and consequences of poor manual handling techniques
  • Assessing manual handling tasks and managing risk
  • Correct lifting techniques used for a specific activity
  • Practical demonstrations referring to specific manual handling activity undertaken by the participants

Risk Assessment Training– topics may include

  • WHS Legislation and Duty of Care
  • Hazard VS risk
  • Identification, Risk Assessment and Control referring to Hierarch of Risk Controls
  • Reporting of hazards, near misses, incidents and accidents
  • Practical exercise of risk assessment relating to nominated activity

Office /Workstation Ergonomics Training – topics may include

  • Understanding the physiological risk associated with incorrect workstation setup
  • Workstation adjustment (including correct positioning of chair, keyboard, mouse, monitor(s), telephone and documents)
  • Healthy office habits

Incident investigation training–  topics may include

  • Difference between accident/incident event and outcome
  • Initial assessment of incident and reporting process
  • Scope and legal parameters of investigation
  • Controls implemented both short and long term to reduce the risk of reoccurrence
  • Mentoring process implemented

Emergency Warden training – topics will be based on organisations Emergency Management Plan and may include

  • Types of emergencies
  • Roles of Wardens
  • The emergency response procedures (pre-emergency, emergency and post-emergency).
  • Evacuation Checklists for wardens
  • Mock evacuation

Hazardous Chemical Awareness -topics may include:

  • Summary of GHS changes in Australia from 1st Jan 2017, which includes change of labelling
  • Definition of Dangerous Goods & Hazardous Substances
  • NSW Legislation National Code of Practice “Storage and Handling of Workplace Dangerous Goods”
  • Understanding the Hazardous chemical register
  • Accessing , reading and understanding the Safety Data Sheets
  • Practical Risk Assessment referring to nominated chemicals – identifying labelling/ storage/ waste disposal/ spills and emergencies

Asbestos Awareness Training – topics may include

  • Difference between friable and non-friable asbestos
  • Health effects of exposure to asbestos
  • Examples of different materials that contain asbestos
  • Requirements for managing asbestos within organisations buildings
  • What to look for and when to call for external assistance to determine the level of risk
  • Outline the procedures used by organisation  in managing asbestos
  • Outline the procedure for disposal of product, equipment and PPE


Elevated Work Platform

Safety Services Australia working closely with a Registered Training Organisation  are now offering Elevated Work Platform Training.

EWP Operator Licence, is required for high-risk work, which includes operating booms over 11 meters high.  This training will cover the use and safe operation of the various types of Mobile Elevating Work Platforms (MEWP)

The training will be conducted on clients site or external site for individuals or groups

For more information please contact Roxayne West on info@safetyservices.net.au or +61 2 9634 5912


We provide many additional training services e.g.  Managing Contractor Risks, Discrimination/Harassment Training, Job Safety Analysis (JSA), Managing Contractor Risks, How to write SWMS’s etc.  More information is provided on request on any of the training noted

Contact Safety Services Australia today on (02) 9634 5912 to discuss your training requirements because our excellent service and experienced team make us the ‘safe’ choice for your organisation!



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