Recruitment Australia / Safety Services Australia widens its professional network for clients and candidates

Technology and globalisation is widening the scope for recruitment professionals, clients and job seekers looking to explore opportunities beyond their country of residence.

Recruitment Australia / Safety Services Australia are pleased to announce that we have joined with NPA, the Worldwide Recruiting Network to provide our clients and candidates with greater opportunities across multiple industries and professions.  Headquartered in the USA, the NPA is an international recruiting network that has over 380 member offices with more than 1,400 individual consultants in 27 countries on six continents.

I believe that our membership of the NPA will benefit our candidates and clients in a number of ways.  For clients it means:

  • A shorter timeframe to fill critical roles because of the expanded 400 firm NPA candidate network.
  • The ability to source candidates with on the ground knowledge of local issues on a global scale.
  • A larger pool of passive candidates.
  • Specialised knowledge across multiple industries due to the scope of the NPA membership.
  • Remuneration to one firm while utilising the services of hundreds.

For candidates it means:

  • A larger pool of employers across a pool of more than 425 member recruiters.
  • Access to specialist recruiters on a global scale.
  • Expertise in matching candidates and employers as NPA members are all professionals.

Further details about the benefits of Recruitment Australia/Safety Services Australia’s membership of the NPA can be found on our website