Does your Drug and Alcohol Policy and program cover all bases?

Gloved hands, test tubeIn a landmark ruling late last year Fair Work Australia acknowledged ‘required’ drug and alcohol testing as not extraordinary or unreasonable even though the company involved did not having a clear clause in its policy or agreement with the subcontractor for undertaking random drug and alcohol screening on a project.  An article related to the case appeared in The Age,

In another case in late 2012 Fair Work Australia ruled that a dismissed employee was to be reinstated because the company’s drug and alcohol policy in relation to testing was unclear and not communicated to staff properly.  Information about the decision is here:

These two cases highlight the importance for companies to have a thorough Drug and Alcohol Policy and program in place that:

  • is regularly updated
  • reflects a best practice approach in relation to a clearly articulated testing methodology
  • sets targets that can be monitored and analysed
  • is complemented by a professional consultation and education program
  • is part of the company’s pre-employment screening so that employees are aware of expectations prior to accepting a role
  • is part of the induction program
  • is part of an ongoing training and education program within the company.

Once confined to heavy industries, there is now a growing global trend for regular random drug and alcohol test across all business sectors.  Company’s need to have an effective policy in place and back it up to with regular professional guidance and training that is clear, relevant and current.

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