e-learning now enriches a tailored approach to effective learning

Lady at computer

Institutions from Universities to training centres have come to realise the benefits of e-learning because it provides a targeted, efficient and credible approach to learning.  E-learning provides organisations with a number of benefits including access to learning across multiple sites, real time feedback and more importantly, it is an easy, informative and exciting way to communicate and learn.

This year Safety Services Australia and Recruitment Australia are excited to offer clients e-learning services that will provide an integrated and customised approach to learning.

e-learning modules can be developed a number of ways, including:

  • Designed specifically for an organisation regardless of size
  • Forms, procedures and online material can be tailored using company branding
  • Training can be related to individual or multiple issues as required
  • e-learning can be combined with traditional face to face learning
  • Multiple sites across Australia can be reached in real time
  • A variety of subjects can be covered including orientation, induction, skills updates and compliance training
  • Knowledge levels and competency can be assessed in real time and feedback provided to the organisation and/or the individual.

Organisations that embrace ongoing learning and development equip themselves with the means to not only meet future challenges, but to build the skills level of their employees.  I believe that e-learning will prove an effective method for achieving real results and I look forward to working with clients to develop effective and informative training modules.  More details about our e-learning services can be found here:  www.safetyservices.net.au