What to look for in a Safety Professional

When searching for a safety professional, look for someone who understands the bigger picture of how safety fits into the specific business plan. The detail of industry-specific knowledge can come later.

May I also suggest while you note their on-paper qualifications, please also look at their skills, knowledge and life experience, which they may have gained in a myriad of different ways. Look closely at their ability to negotiate, influence and work with people at different levels of your organisation.

Importantly, a successful safety professional understands their company’s culture and is able to sell the idea of safety without sounding like they are reading from law book or “preaching”.

A safety professional is practical, works effectively under pressure, is capable of taking on responsibilities and works confidently both independently and as part of a team.

Importantly, I know that the word “passionate” is very much overused but I cannot see how a safety professional can do what they do without that passion.