Understanding the safety culture in the workplace

Workplace culture can be considered an integral part of an organisations success.   It influences the ways that the company operates and the attitudes that management and employees bring to their individual roles.


It’s about general assumptions in the workplace, about people’s beliefs, unspoken attitudes and it can be a brick wall for change.

An effective Safety Culture reflects the values, attitudes and behaviours of an organisation as it relates to Workplace Health & Safety (WHS).

How many times have we heard the statement, “this is the way we always do thing here”?’

Attitudes about safety culture do represent an ongoing concern and challenge for organisations.    Like any risk management approach management need to identify what is happening in the workplace.

I recently attended the Central Coast Safety Group meeting where I heard Michael Mula, OHS Coordinator for Inghams Enterprises talk about Safety Culture in their organisation.

To gain and understanding about the safety culture that had developed at their various sites Inghams conducted a safety culture survey.

Rather than reinventing the wheel they used NSW WorkCover Safety Culture survey and reporting system to track the answers.   Based on the results Michael explained they now have a clearer understanding of what is happening on the ground and they have developed a strategy going forward.

Safety Services Australia can provide assistance, information and further support in understanding what is happening in your organisation.

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