Chemical accident in Victoria provides reminder about confined space procedures

Last week in Victoria, two sons entered a storage tank to assist their father when he was overcome with gas. Tragically, all three are now fighting for their lives.

I cannot imagine how hard it must be not to go to and provide aid in this situation. Unfortunately, this is definitely something that people must not do.


The definition of a confined space is an enclosed or partially enclosed space.

Some examples may include a vat, tank, pit, pipe, duct, flue, chimney, silo, container, pressure vessel, underground sewer, wet or dry well.

There are many aspects to working in a confined space. Initially, there is the need to clarify the confined space in the workplace and this, in itse

lf, can be challenging.

Also, staff need to be trained and an emergency plan must be prepared, maintained and implemented.

Safe Work Australia has provided a Code of Practice related to confined spaces which is available to all

However if you need assistance with any aspect of this please don’t hesitate to contact us on or ring +61 2 9634 5912