Facilities Management: Asset Management Plan – are you covered?

The safe management of plant and equipment is integral in the preparation and conduct of any site based Facilities Management plan.

A useful strategy that can be used to understand and better deal with plant and equipment risks in facilities is to prepare an Asset Management Plan (AMP).

An AMP considers a site based on a condition assessment.   One component of the AMP includes a plant and equipment register.

In the past, it appeared these areas may have been overlooked due to the perceived notion that subcontracting out maintenance relieves the management of associated risks. However, the scale and type of risks change with subcontracting as opposed to having site employed direct labour undertaking similar works.

This can leave an organisation exposed in terms of their site based WHS risk management.

We have experienced staff who are able to review the legal requirements, undertake, monitor and/or manage your Asset Management Plan.

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