The ongoing importance of an effective resume

Type ‘resume writing’ into Google and you will end up with plenty of links that lead to pages with different opinions about what to include in your resume.

In some European countries job seekers are required to attach a photograph to their resume.   While this hasn’t been required in Australia it is starting to become more commonplace.

Regardless of the latest trend, as an experienced recruiter, I believe that it is important to put the effort into developing an effective resume that presents you in the best light and makes you stand out as a superior candidate.

There are a number of important things to consider:

  • Be concise and use short sentences. Keep your resume to 2 pages for a graduate and maximum 5 pages for an experienced candidate.
  • The front page should contain your name, contact details (both day and evening), email address and residential status, if new to Australia.
  • A career overview presents an overview of your resume. It should contain professional /academic training and experience relevant to the role.
  • Qualifications and education – note highest relevant qualification first followed by other professional training.
  • Subsequent pages should contain your employment history listing current/ most recent position first.  Under the company name provide an explanation of what the company does, number of staff, sites and any specific details to provide an understanding of the type of business.  Note your position title at that company with responsibilities of this position (not the position description please) . Document your specific achievements while in this position- no more than 5 per role.
  • The end of resume could also include hobbies and interests.
  • State references to be provided upon request.  This allows you to provide notice to the referees to expect a call and check they are still happy to provide the reference. Also ensure the correct numbers are provided.

Prospective employers don’t need to know your age, whether you are married or divorced, the number of children or religious preference unless it is relevant.

Remember ……..

Your resume is not written in stone and needs to be “tweaked” and reviewed depending on the role you are applying for, plus, this is the first impression you will give the recruiter and the client so make it easy to read and make sure it is applicable to the role advertised.

Good Luck.