Specialist recruiter experience the key to candidate and company synergy

Results of the recent LinkedIn study into Australian in-house recruiters and HR managers are interesting in terms of recruitment methods and hiring budget forecasts.

But, while LinkedIn provides an almost unlimited list of candidates it doesn’t qualify candidates.

Recruitment isn’t just about putting people into jobs. It’s about attracting, screening, selecting and recruiting a qualified person for a job.  Anything less is not only unproductive but costly for the organisation.

Recruiters that specialise in specific fields provide a number of benefits for companies including resources, time, networks and candidate databases to meet very specific skill sets.

Specialist firms tend to be more focused on building ongoing relationships with their candidates because they are our ambassadors.

When it comes to recruitment organisations need to ask themselves a couple of key questions:

  • Am I getting the right candidates in the time frame?
  • Most importantly, am I retaining the staff that I employ?

Specialised recruiters have years of experiences (good and bad) to spot potential trouble, people who might be a poor fit, or less-than-excellent candidates.

We spend time understanding the client’s culture and job not just reviewing the position description.

Think of it like this……would you use a recruiter that specialised in accountancy to fill an OHS recruitment position?

If you have a OHS, SHE, Quality, Injury Management or a Workers Compensation role to fill come and talk to us.   We will work with you to ensure the successful candidate adds value to your organisation.

Safety Services Australia is a member owner of NPA – The Worldwide Recruiting Network. That means we connect to premier independent specialised recruiting firms located throughout Europe, Asia, Australia, Africa and the Americas.