Road freight transport a WorkCover priority: rebates now available

Australia’s love of internet shopping is increasing parcel delivery traffic across Australia.    It is also increasing road movements with WorkCover reporting that the freight transport industry is expected to grow by 3.8% for interstate transport and 2.2% for capital city road freight by 2030.atasccam

In 2012 WorkCover identified the road freight transport industry as one of the state’s highest risk industries

To support workplace safety in the road freight transport industry, WorkCover NSW recently announced rebates of up to $2000 to help small road freight transport operators achieve safety improvements in manual tasks when handling freight, preventing falls from heights, securing loads and traffic management.   These rebates are available for a limited time only.

WorkCover has also developed a Road freight transport industry action plan 2013-2014  developed primarily for the ‘hire and reward’ sector of road freight transport.    Hire and reward operators transport other people’s goods.   In contrast, ancillary fleet operators operate their own fleet to support and distribute their product.

Four high risk issues are being targeted in the action plan.  These include:

  • Onsite traffic management systems to prevent workers (including drivers) being struck by forklifts, trucks and other mobile plant in loading dock, distribution and freight forwarding centres and other loading and unloading areas.
  • Injuries from manual handling and unloading trucks, restraining loads, handling gates and curtains on trailers, fall loads as well as getting in and out of trucks.
  • Return to work and injury management to improve outcomes for workers returning to work following an injury.
  • Driver wellness issues such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, obesity, sleep disorders and mental health, which contribute to workers being more susceptible to injury and lead to longer recorder times.

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