Certification of Generalist OHS Professionals

Certification of generalist OHS professionals and practitioner is standard practice is many countries such as USA, Canada, the UK and Europe.


Last week I listened to Sue Bottrell, Director of  Safety Institute of Australia (SIA) discuss the proposed Australian model for certification of OHS Professionals.

While the model is still being developed, the Australian version of certification will be based on recognising qualification, experience, maintenance of processional skills through continuing professional development and membership of a relevant professional body.

At this stage the proposal is for four categories of certification:

  • Certified OHS Practitioner

Implementer, oversight and drive compliance

Effectively use a range of OHS tools and processes

Work under supervision (may be remote)

  • Certified Graduate OHS Professional
  • Certified Professional

Core of profession

Problem solvers based on conceptual and technical knowledge, analysis of evidence and critical thought mediated by experience

Likely to work solo or give direction to others

  • Chartered OHS Professional

Designer of strategy and influential with senior managers

High level specialist or strategic skills

Consider broader organisational and social context


What’s in it for OHS professionals?

  • Role recognition
  • Recognition of education, knowledge and  experience
  • Employment advantage
  • Recognition of Practitioner and Professional roles
  • Public indemnity status
  • International comparability
  • Public listing on certified professional register
  • Use of Certified Logo


As the process is still being formalised there will be a transition period and if you are a member of an OHS professional body you will receive ongoing information.

For more information / discussion please contact info@ohscertification.org.au