New Zealand – Flying drones new rules

While this is happening in  New Zealand I was wondering what other countries are doing?

Does anyone know?

WELLINGTON, NZ: A change in the rules around flying drones will come into effect next week and will prevent drones being flown in public spaces without consent and a safety plan in place.

The change to Rule Part 101, which requires drone users to have consent of people and property owners before flying a drone over them, will keep people safe

People with drones who intend to fly over public spaces will also need to get permission from the land owner. For example, if an operator wants to fly over a park, they will need permission from the local council. “We are encouraging public land owners to be proactive. This could involve erecting signs indicating if unmanned aircraft flights are allowed or not at the park entrance.”

Anyone who flies without consent can receive a fine or a written warning by CAA.