Fire risk in older model Polycom Conference Phone

The purpose of this Safety Alert is to highlight a potential fire risk with older Polycom conference telephone

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A small fire occurred in the Darwin Plaza building on Friday 3rd July 2015. The cause of the fire was found to be a Polycom Sound Station 2W conference phone. Subsequent research found this model of phone had been subject to a recall due to defective battery packs seven years ago.

Polycom voluntarily recalled certain battery packs supplied for use in Polycom’s Sound Station 2W wireless conference phones. The recalled battery packs were sold with both the 12 hour talk time/non-expandable and 24 hour talk time/expandable models.

The phones were shipped to customers between 1 December 2007 and 2 May 2008 in all worldwide regions. The following is a list of Australian Sound Station 2W conference phone Part Numbers and SKU numbers potentially affected by the recall:

Part Number SKU Number
2201-67800-022 and 2201-67800-101 2200-07800-012, 013, 015, 021, 023, 036
2201-67880-022 and 2201-67880-101 2200-07880-012, 013, 015, 021, 023, 036

The recalled battery pack Part Numbers and Date Codes are as follows:

Part Numbers Date Codes
1520-07803-003 GP1207, GP0108, GP0208, or GP0308
1520-07804-003 GP1207, GP0108, GP0208, or GP0308

Action required

  • Determine if your organisation owns Polycom Sound Station 2W wireless conference phones.
  • If so, determine if the battery packs are one of the recalled units.
  • If one or more is, remove the battery from the unit.
  • Contact Polycom Global on 1800 725 598 to arrange a replacement battery.

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