Is Bullying and Harassment Part of Health and Safety?

Bullying is a form of workplace harassment. Bullying is any behaviour that you find unwanted, inappropriate, aggressive or unreasonable. Harassment is unwelcome conduct that humiliates, offends or intimidates people. Harassment is bullying behaviour that is neither appropriate, nor relevant to work.

Bullying and harassment may often be thought of as two areas; however both involve a more powerful person or group oppressing a less powerful person or group, and this is often on the grounds of a perceived ‘difference’.

These differences can be related to culture, ethnicity, gender, sexuality, sexual orientation, ability or disability, religion, body size and physical appearance, age, marital status or economic status.

As PCBU you may be liable for the actions of workers if you have not taken reasonable actions to prevent bullying or harassment, or respond to any complaint.

Reasonable actions can include acting on bullying or harassment issues, implementing policies and procedures and training programs for all staff.