How will changes to workers compensation in NSW affect you or your business?

Workers Compensation Changes 2012 NSWLast month the NSW State Government passed new laws making major changes to the NSW Workers Compensation Scheme. While some of the changes have already been implemented there are others that will be phased in over the next 12 to 18 months.

It’s worth highlighting some of the changes that will apply as they are quite significant:

• Workers will now only be able to make journey claims where there is a substantial connection between the person’s employment and the incident out of which the injury arose.

• Claims for pain and suffering under Section 67 of the Workers Compensation Act 1987 are no longer available.

• An injured worker can only be assessed for permanent impairment once.

• Claims for medical related treatment will end either 12 months after the claim for compensation is made or 12 months after the last payment of weekly benefits.

• Medical cover for whole person impairment over 30% continues until the Commonwealth retirement age is reached.

• Heart attacks and strokes are only covered if the nature of employment gave rise to a significantly greater risk of the worker suffering the injury.

Workers currently receiving compensation payments will be given 3 months’ notice of changes to their benefits and the most seriously injured workers won’t be subject to assessment unless they wish to have one.

It is definitely worthwhile reviewing the changes which are available here or making contact with me for more information.

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