Is an Induction Important?

The new WHS Act states that a PCBU must ensure, so far as is reasonably practicable, the provision of any information, training, instruction or supervision, that is necessary to protect all persons from risks to their health and safety arising from work carried out.  The induction process is one good way to meet this requirement.

An induction is an important function that should provide new workers with all the relevant information they need to know, and an overview on how the organisation works.

The induction process can provide an overview of how health and safety is structured in the workplace.  Every-one should go through an induction – from top management to entry-level workers including contractors and visitors.

A successful induction program should cover the following basic requirements:

  1. Safety policies and rules / procedures,
  2. Emergency procedures and equipment (evacuation routes, fire alarms, etc.),
  3. Job / work area hazards,
  4. Required PPE,
  5. Hazard and injury reporting,
  6. Where to go with questions and / or issues,
  7. Safety responsibilities,
  8. Required safety training,
  9. Standard Health & Safety information (hazardous areas, safety signs, SDS’s, manual handling, chemicals etc.), and
  10. Housekeeping duties and rules.