Why Do You Need OHS Objectives and Targets?

A successful OHS Management System requires a planning process with well-defined and measureable objectives and targets developed for each relevant function and level within the organisation.

Objectives should be aimed at improving health and safety performance, and supported by targets which are clear, quantifiable, and realistic and time bound.  These objectives should be the overall goals for the organization, and also provide the means to evaluate its performance.

Objectives and targets can apply broadly across an organisation or determine its entire direction.  They may apply to site-specific, or individual, activities needed to achieve one part of the overall goal.

To assess realistic objective and targets, undertake an initial health and safety review of all the activities conducted throughout the organization.

The basic steps in developing objectives and targets includes:

  1. Identifying the potential areas for improvement,
  2. Develop initial objectives and holding discussions with all people in the areas it may affect,
  3. Agree and finalise objectives with all those involved – this also includes top-management,
  4. Establish targets to achieve the objectives and develop measures for tracking progress,
  5. Communicate objectives and targets, and how you expect to achieve them,
  6. Review progress on a regular basis and update all relevant people, and
  7. Review the performance against objectives and targets, and modify, where necessary, the targets for the following year.