WHS Risk Management for Facilities Management: Condition Assessments

A common problem for Facility Managers is the issue of where to start!Facility-Management_Fotor

Facilities often involve a mix of buildings and surrounds that vary in design, construction technique, age, quality and materials. This diversity presents a number of challenges because the management of those separate buildings may require a range of different maintenance response plans.

It follows that different WHS risks will also be present with those buildings e.g. asbestos. These and other hazards will require a range of different environmental response plans.

The starting point for successful Facilities Management (FM) planning is to collect baseline data of the buildings and surrounds. The methodology for doing this is expressed as a Condition Assessment (CA).

The CA is a register based list that categorises the buildings and surrounds into their major components, i.e., for buildings that would include roofs, external walls, floors, plant and equipment register etc., and for surrounds, elements like carparks, fences, trees, outbuildings and more.

The CA is coded so that each element related to the buildings and surrounds can be given a numerical rating to express the quality of its present condition, the cycle period for maintenance, type of maintenance, age, type, and any noted items.

The benefits of carrying out a CA are:

  • Identify the need for any urgent works for safety, or prevent further damage and costs
  • Identify any hazardous materials and/or contamination and/or need for specialist consultants
  • Providing a plant and equipment register, asbestos register, chemical register
  • Providing a means to prepare an Asset Management Plan for ongoing maintenance

Safety Services Australia have qualified personnel to provide a CA that will assist management by facilitating a planned maintenance program and supplying better service delivery.   The CA will also assist with improved safety as the works are routinely scheduled with fixed (known costs), with developed and understood Safe Work Method Statements (SWMS’s) and workplace practices.


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