Exception from mandatory audiometric testing

Under the NSW WHS legislation audiometric testing of workers frequently required to use PPE was to commence from December 2013 as outlined in clause 58 of the Work Health and Safety Regulation 2011.

Hearing test

The news is that WorkCover has granted a 12 month exemption from mandatory audiometric testing and this will now be introduced from 31 December 2014.

Nevertheless hazardous noise at the workplace continues to be a major cause of hearing loss. This is an irreversible condition that can have a terrible impact on a person’s life.

The primary duty of all PCBU’s has not changed with this exemption and there is still an obligation to manage the risk of noise in the workplace and ensure the noise worker is exposed to at the workplace does not exceed the exposed standard for noise.

For the relevant Code of Practice please refer to Code of Practice: Managing noise and preventing hearing loss at work.

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