Environmental Management and Reporting

More and more companies are reporting on their environmental footprint and performance, whether it be a brief mention of their activities in their annual report or even a separate report documenting their quantified and audited performance – sometimes even emission targets to be achieved next year.


The 2005 KPMG international survey of environmental reporting shows that in the 16 major countries surveyed, environmental reporting has become incorporated into sustainability (social, environmental and economic) annual corporate reporting process: Nearly 70% of the top 250 global companies are producing sustainability reports.

[Source of data: “International Survey of Environmental Reporting 2005” issued by KPMG.}

A benefit of an environmental management system and the reporting of an organization’s environmental performance is that it enables an organization to determine where it is NOW – and in doing so, can result in opportunities for reducing waste, energy consumption and adopting ‘cleaner’, more efficient and effective ways of carrying out their business. It can then compare where is WAS in previous reporting periods and demonstrate publicly of its commitment and achievements over this intervening periods.

Shareholders, Underwriters, and stakeholders – including Customers, Suppliers as well as staff are becoming increasingly aware and demanding of the environmental performance of companies and the need to preserve and protect against change and risk.

Those organizations that capitalize on the opportunity to” do more with less” will reap the rewards in becoming leaner, more efficient, generate less waste, less emissions and as  result save money and become more competitive compared to those organizations that do not seize the moment.

We can assist organizations by helping them implement management measurements systems, based around established standards, such as ISO 14001 – Environmental Management Systems and AS/NZS 3598 – Energy Audits.

We can provide guidance for energy and efficiency improvements, conducting overviews and more detailed audits and projects as required. We can provide the assurances and verification necessary for external reporting of carbon dioxide greenhouse gas emissions and environmental performance which is becoming increasingly under the scrutiny of shareholders, potential investors, staff and the broader community.

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