Update on the Hazardous Substance Information System (HSIS)

CA20U98SThe National Model Regulations for the Control of Workplace Hazardous Substances 

[NOHSC: 1005(1994)] are the basis for hazardous substance regulations in Australian Commonwealth, State and Territory jurisdictions.

Under the National Model Regulations manufacturers and importers of substances supplied for use in workplaces are required to determine whether they are hazardous to health before supply.

Safe Work Australia has updated the Hazardous Substances Information System (HSIS) online database to reflect changes in Europe’s 31st Adaptation to Technical Progress to Directive 67/548/EEC.

This update comprises changes to nine chemicals and the addition of ten new chemicals. As part of this update the consolidated lists available on the HSIS website have also been updated to reflect the data currently in HSIS.

A full list of the schedule of changes for the HSIS online database update can be downloaded:



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