Can you ensure that business risk doesn’t damage your reputation?

When looking at business risk, Executives often consider external risk factors such as competitors, changing market activity, volatile currency movements or other macro-economic factors that are often beyond their control.

Yet, it is often the ramifications of not realising and addressing internal business risk that places business owners at risk.  Incidents that can occur may relate to damage to property or personal injury to employees or visitors to the business.  These incidents can not only place the business owner under pressure, but, they can also have a negative impact on the reputation of the business or brand in the wider marketplace.

It is not only a legal requirement that business owners have workplace safety policies and methods in place, but that staff thoroughly understand the policies and processes that apply.

The upfront and public costs associated with workplace incidents and injury can be significant.  Costs such as workers compensation, product recalls and legal fees are just one aspect of the financial cost to business.  Yet, it is the silent costs like lowering moral in the workplace, stress, worry and the time taken to investigate the incident that may have a lasting effects on the business.

We can assist in reducing some internal risks by ensuring that workplace health and safety policies and procedures are kept up to date, reflect current regulatory requirements and are clearly articulated understood by employees.

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