Do you look at a company’s reputation when job hunting?

JobsLast week I spent 3 days at the NPA Worldwide Recruiters Conference in Cairns. Yes it does sound like I was off skylarking and I admit it was fun.  However, I found that it also reinforced my belief, both from the presenters and my NPA Partners, of the importance of honesty, trust and overall business ethics in any successful organisation.

FYI, NPA Worldwide Recruitment is an international owner operated organisation that provides an enhanced service to clients and more opportunities for candidates around the globe.   We work together as a team to ensure we find the best candidate for our clients.  NPA holds members to high professional standards that foster trust and cooperation between partners.

The Ethisphere Institute, an international think tank, has just announced its seventh annual list of the World’s Most Ethical Companies.  They reviewed nominations from companies in more than 100 countries and 36 industries.

When commenting about the list Alex Brigham, executive director of the Ethisphere Institute, said “companies have become increasingly aware of the advantages being ethically conscious has to offer, especially in the global economy.  Many companies promote that recognition in their recruitment materials, as studies show that employees increasingly want to work for an organisation that aligns with their own personal values. They are more loyal to such organisations.”

Business decisions are often guided by law and shareholders expectations.   Overall, business ethics are an indication of the moral standing of the company.  They also relate to the degree of trust that exists between internal and external clients of the business.

I believe that high calibre candidates are attracted to companies that clearly articulate their ethical position.   If you would like to find out more about this issue or other global recruitment trends and opportunities please  contact us today.