Managing Occupational Health & Safety Management Systems in the workplace

Often when we are speaking to managers of organisations they talk about the onerous problem of dealing with the OHS or WHS legislation.    But, as WorkCover states, OHS management is a significant corporate and management responsibility for CEOs, directors, managers, supervisors and employees.


The issue affects many organisations across a wide variety of industry sectors.  The large number of worksites and workplaces obviously overshadows the number of WorkCover inspectors but that does not mean that organisations should put management systems in the ‘too hard basket’.   If organisations take on safety though, they should look at it as they would from a compliance, operational and financial viewpoint.  That’s because it is a key element of business practice.


Effective systems can not only support the day to day operation of the business, but different components can be implemented in times of crisis to avoid shutdowns that ultimately have financial and business reputation consequences.


Just like other business functions, once safety systems and procedures are in place, it is a matter of good business practice to implement and review those systems as you would with other compliance based activities like financial reporting.


Safety Services Australia helps organisations manage workplace safety by developing and implementing Single or Integrated Systems in the field of OHS / WHS, Environmental, Quality, Risk Management and/or Injury Management Systems.


Get in contact today so we can help you make your workplace safe and at the same time implement effective procedures and practices that become part of standard business practice.  If you would like to find out more please feel free to give me a call on +61 02 9836 3100 or email