WorkCover project to address Injuries and deaths on house construction sites

The house construction industry in NSW currently comprises of almost 9,000 businesses employing 44,000 people.roof-energy-costs-1

WorkCover has launched a new project to improve safety on house construction sites across NSW after revealing more than 150 workers were seriously injured or killed on the job in the last two years. Workers Compensation claims involving permanent disability while working on the construction of one and two story residential housing, was more than double the amount of any other industry.

WorkCover has announced that The Focus on Industry – House Construction Project will involve industry working collaboratively with WorkCover to identify and promote ways to manage high risk activities on house construction sites.

When announcing the initiative WorkCover also released a housing construction industry snap-shot that highlighted:

  • 84% of industry employment is located in Sydney, Newcastle and Illawarra-Wollongong
  • 80% of building activity is undertaken by subcontractors
  • Fingers, lower back and knee injuries are the most common types of injuries
  • The most common causes of injury and illness are muscular stress while lifting or handling objects, sun exposure, falls from heights and falls on the same level
  • 60% of claims are major, compared to 35% for all industries combined.

Safety Services Australia can implement effective workplace health and safety plans and practices within the construction industry.

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