So, what is a specialist recruiter?

Most people understand recruitment relates to the process of attracting, screening and selecting a qualified person for a relevant position.

Operating alongside general recruiters are niche or specialist recruiters that have expertise in finding qualified staff for specific sectors of the job market.

There are a number of benefits that can be achieved by working with a niche recruiter:

  • Their reputation as a specialist recruiter attracts specific candidates which allows them to build a large database of qualified candidates.
  • Their work in a specific sector promotes the development of long term relationships with candidates.  Some of these candidates work with individual specialist recruiters many times throughout their careers.
  • By working within a specific industry, specialist recruiters get to know the wider demographic or economic trends that are affecting that particular sector.

Safety Services Australia and our recruitment arm Recruitment Australia are specialist recruiters. We have extensive experience working with Health, Safety, Quality, Environmental and Injury management candidates. We have a clear and relevant  understanding of the needs of employers and candidates.

If we can assist you to fill a specialised role or you would like to send your CV through to us please feel free to give me a call on +61 02 9836 3100 or email