RecruitmentRecruitment is never just about putting a body in a vacancy.  It’s about understand the full impact of those talents and skills on that workplace, its culture and this person will fit into the overall aims of the company.

I often hear how recruitment agencies are being replaced by LinkedIn and other professional networks.  However, I believe that finding the right talent is becoming more important than ever so the role of the right recruiter is more critical than ever.

I met up with a client last week that had been looking for someone for 3 months, they had interviewed many candidates with no luck. I met with them and learnt about the culture of the organisation, the soft skills that were not included in the PD and the salary, which was much lower than the market was offering.

Within half a day I had found them the exact candidate they had been trying to find which led to a happy client, a, happy candidate and a contented recruiter!

Please don’t disregard the special skills of the recruiter when looking to fill the role with the right person for the role you are looking to fill.

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