Perks of the job

I’ve been involved in Occupational Health & Safety (OHS) or Workplace Health & Safety (WHS), as it’s now known in some states, since January 1989.  I have also worked in the specialised fieldof OHS Recruitment since 2001.

One of the best things about myrole is belonging to professional Associationsand Societiesthat provide a platform to network with like minded people and to learn about so many different areas of interest across the sector including OHS compliance, Occupational Health & Safety Management Systems, OHS audits, Occupational health and safety training and more.

I’ve found the networking aspect invaluable. In fact, it has been the support of professionals in both OHS Recruitment and OHS Risk Management that has helped me along the way and reinforced my commitment to the job.

I’m also alwaysinterestedto hear how, when, why and whatother people are doing in the field and whether it’s working or not.

There are so many interesting events it’s sometimes difficult to know how much time and money you need to spend. After all, we are all busy people with our jobs, family and life in general.

It was for theses reason I started the monthly event information, but really this is the tip of the iceberg on what is happening.

Last month I went to the Hunter Region to listen to two fascinating speakers


Nathan Hamilton and Kylie Newton – speakers at the Kurri Kurri Meeting

WorkCover NSW Team Leader Nathan Hamiltonspoke about “Enforceable Undertakings”. This is a wonderful enforcement option introduced with the WHS Legislation which has long term benefits for both the industry and the community.  You can find more information here:

Kylie Newton from NSW Trade & Investment/Mine Safety spoke about the pilot er

gonomic project to lift the profile of Musculoskeletal Disorders within the NSW Mining Community. I understand Kylie will be speaking at the Ergonomic Society Conference in Perth this December. It would be really worthwhile to attend just to listen to the outcomes of this project.


The participants at the SIA meeting at Kurri Kurri

Also last month I went with the NSW Branch of the Safety Institute of Australia on a site visit to Amcor at Botany. This is the most sophisticated and largest paper recycling machine in the southern hemisphere. It was fascinating to see how all our old paper is recycled in a machine that can go up to 180 kilometres per hour!

The work that continually goes into the safety

aspect of this plant was really motivating. Well done Amcor.


Here we are heading out on the Amcor site visit

If you have events you wa

nt promoted that will increase our knowledge please let me know on

I will keep you up to date with more events in the future.