Integrated management systems

Integrated management systems (IMS) may not sound all that exciting but they offer many positive advantages for progressive organisations.

While they are beneficial in meeting regulatory compliance needs, these systems also have a powerful and lasting impact when aligned with strategic and business objectives.

Rather than relying purely on the technical (quality, safety and environment) skills, the ability to look at management systems more generally builds knowledge and understanding of a business that is associated with good management practices. shutterstock_125979746

Noticeable benefits of effective integrated management systems include:

  • Alignment of key resources leading to noticeable improvements in operations, risk management and reporting.
  • The breakdown of departmental silos that may be resistant to change, resulting in powerful and long lasting inter departmental investment that supports corporate strategic goals.
  • Strong relationship management, group management and facilitation skills which can ultimately lead to high performing teams.
  • External benefits, including optimised relationships with customers, suppliers and other stakeholders which can lead to improved competitive position.

Very often these skills may not exist within the team so management may need to source outside expertise to assist in the short term.

Longer term, the existence of the above competencies in the integrated management system team will deliver lasting and positive business results.

Safety Services Australia are experts at providing truly independent advice and solutions when it comes to integrated management systems. We can also provide on-going resource requirements.

Our senior consultant specialising in this field is a qualified corporate executive who has extensive experience in developing, implementing and auditing integrated management systems and delivering on business improvement programs.

Let us assist your organisation to implement measurable and highly effective management systems and work with your team to meet business objectives.

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