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Screen Shot 2015-12-21 at 5.24.07 pmI do understand there are different courts and laws within states and countries but surely this seems a little lopsided.

A Perth company has been fined $45,000 over the death of a 24 year old worker who was crushed while unloading crates of glass from a shipping container. Two people in the same workplace were injured in a similar incident less than two years earlier, but the company had not changed its method of unpacking glass and have pleaded not guilty

The construction company in NZ has been ordered to pay $83,000 after a bucket came loose from an excavator and hit a teenage worker, leaving him needing surgery and ongoing treatment.

The owner of an inflatable slide in NZ that collapsed and injured six children has been fined $115,000.

A Sydney Commonwealth Bank executive subjected to two years of “hellish” bullying and harassment has been awarded $300,000 in damages in one of the top defamation payouts of the past year.