Cost of a life?

Victoria: A $1 million fine handed out in a Victorian Court is the largest handed down in a Victorian court for a single health and safety offence. The incident lead to the crushing death of a dock worker while loading a ship in Melbourne in 2014.


Tasmania:  A company was fined $225,000 over two workers fell to their deaths in the Mount Lyell Copper Mines in Tasmania. The same company is in court again next year over the death of another worker in a separate incident in the same mine.


South Australia:  A truck driver is facing jail for killing a woman in a horrific head-on crash after a jury rejected his claims he suffered a coughing fit and blacked out moments before impact The driver was given a perfect bill of health two months prior to the incident.


New Zealand: The Department of Corrections has been ordered to pay $172,000 to the family of a man who was fatally crushed by a log while doing community work.

The owner of a Takapo kayak hire company has been sentenced to 200 hours’ community work and ordered to pay $270,000 in emotional harm reparations to the victims for his part in a lake trip in which two visiting exchange students died last year.