Are you willing to risk a multi-million dollar fine and up to 20 years in Jail?

Are you willing to risk a multi-million dollar fine and up to 20 years in Jail?

“Any workplace fatality resulting from negligence on the side of the PCBU in NSW will now attract fines of $16.5m and jail time, up to 20 years!!!”

I received the above email from a business owner who was in an absolute panic.

With information coming from Queensland on the First industrial manslaughter sentence handed down on 11th June  ( $3 million fine and 10 months imprisonment), it is starting to hit home to Directors and Owners that things are getting really serious when it comes to safety.

Given the severity of the penalties – clearly ‘enough is enough’ when it comes to workplace health, safety and wellbeing.

We all know employers do not deliberately aim to hurt their employees at work – yet, it does happen – and all too often – and even worse, in many cases, it was avoidable.

The question is what can you, as a Director / Business Owner do about it?

Organizations that manage risk effectively and efficiently are more likely to achieve their objectives and do so at a lower overall cost.” AS/NZS 4360:2004


Minimising workplace risk is one of the most important factors in all business plans.

To ignore the risk can be costly as it can affect profitability, service, quality reputation, brand value, workplace morale and overall earnings.

Safety Services Australia understands the requirements of Federal, State and Territory legislation and we are well positioned to help our clients and their employees navigate their safety risk management requirements with practical and compliant solutions.

All organisations have some form of work systems and processes in place, yet, not all of them are based on tried and tested risk management principals.

Typically, workflow systems and processes rely on human interaction which is not documented or managed.

Changing laws and workplace regulations means that an organisation needs to be equipped to address compliance, training and communication as part of their business practices.

That’s where the specific knowledge, experience and expertise of Safety Services Australia can help you, your employees to successfully navigate through the new compliance requirements – and in doing so, gain a competitive advantage.

The Safety Services Australia team will work with organisations to:

  • Identify and understand the organisations system and processes:
  • Identify the hazards and levels of risk to the organisation
  • Develop a Work Health & Safety (WHS) Legal Risk Register,
  • Provide a WHS Strategic Plan and Action Plan


Let us work with you to eliminate or minimise the risk of damage to your people, product, and business.

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