2 SafeWork NSW changes starting on 1st July 2020

2 SafeWork NSW changes starting on 1st July 2020

  1. New reforms introduced to protect workers from silica from 1st July 2020

The reforms include:

  • the workplace exposure standard (WES) for silica will be halved to 0.05mg/m3 (time-weighted average 8 hours)
  • on-the-spot fines for uncontrolled dry-cutting of manufactured stone
  • silicosis will be a notifiable condition. Medical practitioners will be required to notify NSW Health when a diagnosis of silicosis is made and NSW Health will share notifications with NSW workplace health regulators so they can investigate where exposure has occurred in order to protect workers
  • penalties will apply to businesses that fail to notify SafeWork NSW of an adverse health monitoring (health screening) report.


2. Changes to the Traffic Control Training scheme in NSW

SafeWork NSW will be taking on responsibility for the Traffic Control Training (TCT) scheme when it transfers over from Transport NSW on 1 July 2020.  From this date, workers undertaking any work on or near a public road in NSW will be required to hold the relevant:

  • SafeWork NSW Traffic Control Work Training (TCWT) card
  • Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) Traffic Control Training Photo Card.

The changes mean workers across a range of industries will require one of the above cards, including workers in the retail, manufacturing or transport industries, as well as the more traditional road and construction industries.

Traffic control workers should note that:

  • RMS Traffic Control Photo cards have been issued up until mid-June 2020
  • existing RMS Traffic Control Training Photo Cards will still be recognised after 1 July 2020, until the card expires. Workers will need to convert to a SafeWork NSW Traffic Control Work Training card before their RMS card expires
  • due to the COVID-19 pandemic, current RMS Traffic Control Photo Cards with an expiry date between 1 January and 30 June 2020 can convert to a SafeWork NSW Traffic Control Work Training card in July and will not be required to undertake refresher training during that period.

Persons Conducting a Business or Undertaking (PCBUs) must ensure workers have the required training and card for the type of work being undertaken, or risk being fined $18,000.


For any information on the above or other Work Health & Safety matter please contact info@safetyservices.net.au