Working at heights

Working at heights is one area of OHS where even the slightest mistake, oversight or miscalculation can be fatal. Seemingly simple tasks undertaken on the ground can become more complicated and increase the risk to your workers when undertaken at heights. A fall from a height as little as two metres,  can result in death or serious, lifelong injury and disability.

Too often on work sites across the country, workers still suffer from preventable injuries sustained as a result of falls from equipment, vehicles, roofs, ladders, platforms, scaffolds, stairs, and falls into shafts and pits. We all know the employer is responsible for providing a safe working environment so why do we continue to see the results of this type of accident? Is it lack of training? Is it cutting corners? Is it laziness? Do our workers think they are immortal?

It is imperative that all workers receive adequate training before they begin working at heights.  Then, prior to any work commencing, each task must be assessed in consultation with the staff so all are aware of the hazards, the risks of the work and how they will work safely referring to the safe work method statement (SWMS) which document how they will eliminate or reduce the risk. This is not rocket science!!

As with so much relating to workplace safety, the safety of the  employees lies in education program and procedures. Provide the training and enforce the procedures and  your employees will work safely on the ground and at heights without putting themselves or their co-workers at risk.

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