WA business fined $80,000 after safety failure resulted in death

weldingcuttingBunbury Magistrates’ Court has fined a Picton scrap metal business after it pleaded guilty to failing to provide and maintain a safe working environment resulting in a worker fatality in 2011.

The scrap metal business was fined $80,000 dollars plus costs.   The fatality occurred when a man was oxy-cutting a large bucket from an excavator and an 800kg piece broke away from the main structure and crushed his body.

It was found the inexperienced worker, a Chinese man who spoke very little English, was given no instruction for the specific task and was working alone and without direct supervision.

The court found that although the worker had been instructed in the basics of risk assessments he had not received any formal training in the cutting of items that stand above head height and therefore pose a risk of falling and fatal injury. There were no written safe work procedures for oxy-cutting oversized items. There was no direct supervision.

This case is a reminder that it is crucial companies communicate training and procedures to workers in a language that is readily and clearly understood and appropriate supervision is provided

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