Visit to Macquarie University Hospital


Amanda demonstrating  the transfer mattress

Amanda demonstrating the transfer mattress

At the Macquarie University Hospital last week I met with Amanda Houghton the Manager, Safety, Risk and Compliance and the Manual Handling Coordinator Edwina Moran.

They were explaining how the hospital is always looking at ways to increase care for the patients while reducing the risk of injury to their staff.

The hospital has purchased the HoverMatt transfer mattress for lateral patient transfers and a Hover Jack for lifting of patients who have fallen.

Never having seen this before I was quickly given a demonstration and was suitable impressed. What a difference from my nursing days! I’m sure there are many similar patient lifting devices used in the health industry either in aged care or hospital situations.

What impressed me the most was the number of these devices provided by Macquarie University Hospital in various locations throughout the site. It certainly shows not only a proactive approach to risk but a respect for the nursing staff and the patients.

I’d love to know what other types of new innovative manual handling devises are used by organisations. Do you have any ideas or comments?