Trench Fatality

Recently, when I first heard about the poor construction worker who lost his life falling into a trench, I was devasted.

My devastation has since turned to anger.

This man fell into a trench measuring 2m wide and 8m-10m deep.

In my anger state, the first question that popped into my mind was – how the hell can this happen?  Followed by, why did this happen?

We know construction sites are dangerous places, yet with all the safety regulation, requirements and practices in place, serious accidents such as this can be prevented.

Naturally when we hear of a work-place fatality, our first reaction is – ‘that poor person’.

Yet, it’s more than that.  That ‘poor person’ was a son or daughter.  They may have also been a brother or sister.  They may also have been a spouse, partner, boyfriend or girlfriend.  Certainly, they were friends with others.

The point being – so many people in the life of that ‘poor person’ have now been affected – permanently.

This is not a soap box sell – however, unless workplace safety is consistently and actively driven, it will always be another box ticking exercise.

Stay safe and wherever you work please take your own safety seriously.

FYI there is an Excavation Work, Code of Practice- March 2015