Summer in Australia

With the temperature reaching mid 40’s around Australia this summer WorkSafe NSW are again reminding organisations to ensure workers are working safely.


Working in the heat safety tips:

  • Provide access to plain drinking water, at least 200mL every 15-20 minutes
  • Don’t drink energy or caffeinated drinks which can have a diuretic affect
  • Ensure workers wear sun protection in all outdoor conditions because workers can be exposed to UV radiation in the shade as well as the sun
  • Rotate tasks to lessen exposure to the sun as well as mental and physical fatigue
  • Provide clothing with a UPF 50+ rating such as loose shirts with long sleeves, collars and long pants.
  • Provide broad spectrum sunscreen SPF 30+, broad brimmed hats and sunglasses which meet Australian Standards for UV protection

SafeWork NSW has also released a You Tube video “Working in extreme heat” that can be viewed on any PC, smart phone or mobile devise