Safety Professional / Practitioner Certification within Australia

SIA-NEW-2012-smlI attended the NSW Certification Workshop last week presented by the Safety Institute of Australia Ltd.

They spoke about the reasons driving the certification process, the history of this process and the future.

Certification will be based on recognising qualification, experience, maintenance of professional skill through CPD and membership of a relevant professional body.

There are several levels of certification:

• Certified OHS Graduate,

• Certified OHS Practitioner,

• Certifies OHS Professional and

• Chartered OHS Professional

This scheme is expected to commence in January 2015. There is an administrative transition available for 12 months which is open to graded members of SIA with alternative knowledge assessment exam available for 24 months.

Obviously there is a lot of information to gather so may I suggest you access the link to the workshop presentation and further explanation of the process