Safety Alerts


NSW electricity networks and SafeWork NSW have joined forces to launch a new safety campaign to protect construction workers from digging into live electricity cables. The campaign was developed after a 65% increase in underground cable strikes in the Sydney region over the past two years

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Labour Industry

There has been a lot of attention over the past 18 months on the labour hire industry in South Australia. In 2016 there have been two convictions against labour hire agencies and a prosecution is pending against a host employer.

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Burns and scalds are serious risks in the hospitality and tourism industry, and has accounted for the most frequently reported serious injury in this sector in the past three years.  For more information on how to minimise risk refer to read more.



Unpacking Glass and Heavy Materials

In December 2016, a glazier suffered fatal crush injuries while using an overhead crane to move packaged sheets of glass. Failure of the packaging was a contributing factor to this incident. An increasing number of products are being received from overseas, where the methods and quality of packaging may vary considerably. SafeWork NSW provide  information on n working in with glass and glazing and also provide posters on handling glass safety appropriate racking for glass storage , manual handling of glass and PPE

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Chemical Spills

SafeWork NSW has recently investigated two similar incidents where workers suffered severe chemical burns to their feet whilst cleaning up spills in restaurant and hotel kitchens. Highly caustic chemicals are used in automatic dishwashing machine detergents, oven and grill top cleaners, as well as some grease cleaners. For more informatin refer to SafeWork NSW.

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Safe use of flammable refrigerants

This safety alert concerns Class 2.1 Flammable refrigerant gases and provides guidance to occupiers of premises on how to control the risk of fire and explosion from refrigeration and air-conditioning systems containing flammable refrigerants.

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Concrete delivery pipeline failures

This alert highlights the risk to employees and other persons from using poorly manufactured concrete delivery pipes and pipeline components.

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FYI  Safe Work Australia put out an alert stating they were not affiliated with any companies that sell safety signs. It is not a requirement that organisations or individuals purchase a set of posters from any specific company to comply with the new model work health and safety laws.