Roadmap for Aged Care Reform

In April 2015, the Aged Care Sector Committee set out to develop a roadmap on future directions for aged care.

The Roadmap has just been publicly released – refer to it here.  agecare

This Aged Care Roadmap sets out the views of the aged care sector leadership on where the current reform process should end up taking us over the next 5-7 years, and the short and medium term actions required to transform the current aged care system into a sustainable, consumer-driven and market-based system.

Following the release of the Roadmap, COTA Australia Chief Executive Ian Yates AM, a member of the Sector Committee and its Roadmap Working Group, said;

“As the reform and innovation proposed in the Roadmap unfolds in the aged care sector we will see some providers opt out of the industry while others apply serious strategic thinking to what the future looks like and how they will survive and thrive in the consumer driven, market based system. The empowerment of consumers to exercise choice and control by holding the funds will drive competition and consequential innovation and improvements in the quality of service. Providers who can attract consumers will thrive as the market becomes fully available to them for the first time, unfettered by regulatory restraint over supply and distribution. To move with the times and meet evolving consumer needs.”

There are obviously a lot of changes ahead for providers in the aged care sector.

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