Preparing for the new Work Health Safety (WHS) Legislation January 2012

How to prepare for the changes

Now is the time to prepare your organisation for these changes.  There are a number of steps to take to prepare for the new WHS laws, and they include:

  • Undertake a gap analysis of your current health and safety system.  By looking at your current health and safety system, and identifying and addressing the gaps, you can determine what changes are required to achieve compliance and place your organisation ahead of your competitors in preparing for the changes.
  • Review and revise / supplement your current policies and procedures for compliance.
  • Develop more robust consultation processes, given the expanded application of the duty to consult.  Make sure you include all relevant workers, including contractors and subcontractors.
  • Consult with your workers about what is happening and any changes that need to be made in readiness for the legislation.
  • Implement changes and make sure you train workers in new policies and procedures, and review and revise as necessary.
  • Keep up-to-date on any new developments and introduce them throughout the workplace.

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