Post-COVID Office Walk Through


Workplace readiness – with the lockdown now over, now is the right time to arrange for an office walk through.

Working from home has caused an increase in aches and pains and in many cases musculoskeletal injuries due to makeshift offices, poor posture and longer periods of sitting.

Common symptoms being reported include pain in the lower back, neck and upper back, shoulders and wrists.

With employees now looking to return to the office environment, employers can help to mitigate the risk of aggravation and further injury by ensuring all workstations are correctly adjusted and employees are well educated in workstation ergonomics.

For workplaces where a formal training session is not practicable, an office walk through may be more suitable.

We can arrange for a Registered Occupational Therapist with extensive experience in office ergonomics to be onsite at your workplace for a  half day, full day or several days if required and provide a one-on-one demonstration and step-by-step guide on workstation adjustment with each employee.

Where possible, any necessary adjustments will be implemented immediately.

A written summary report detailing any recommendations will be provided to the employer.

Please contact Roxayne West on  +61 29634 5912 or send your  request to