My life during this extraordinary time

We are getting so much information and blogs on COVID-19  I thought I would talk about my personal experiences during this pandemic

While we had started to hear about COVID-19 in December 2019 and early in 2020, it wasn’t until March 19th 2020 that it all of a sudden, became our problem when Australia closed its borders to all non-citizens and non-residents.

I think that’s when the reality of all this really set in with most of us.

We had been hearing about the thousands of people dying overseas from a new and not fully understood illness, then we too became part of the daily statistics and numbers.

During this time, we’ve witnessed and maybe even experienced first-hand, the bravery of our front- line warriors who keep the health system moving – not only doctors and nurses but cleaners, ambulance staff, mortuary staff and many other ‘quiet achievers’ who risk their own lives to keep us safe.

And how amazing to see other professionals like teachers who’ve adopted a new way of making sure our children don’t miss out on learning.

My sincere thanks and gratitude go out to all you brave people.

During his time, we have seen the best in people and unfortunately, we’ve also seen the worst – I won’t even go into panic buying and hoarding – and we’ve watched our elderly literally breakdown and cry while standing in a supermarket not being able to get what they desperately need.

I’m also grateful for all those funny memes, jokes and videos that have helped keep us sane and grounded – laughter truly has been my medicine!

I know of many people have taken the time to learn new skills and taken advantage of the free short courses offered by TAFE.

I have loved the fact that that so many artists have managed to share their skills and love of their craft via the internet. Thanks to these artists, I’ve watched ballet, opera and listened to music from various artists whom I may never have known about and of course those comedy sketches.

I have watched people make yummy food and not so yummy food.  I’ve watched people get creative with various projects in and around their homes.

For the first time is as long as I can remember, I have gone for walks around my neighbourhood and stopped to take some beautiful photos of flowing gums, flowers, the gnomes in peoples gardens (love them!) and seeing many of my neighbours, who I’ve never seen before, doing the same thing as me.

I have caught up on books and Netflix but after a while that gets a bit boring so I cleaned out a cupboard – and oh, my garage is finally clear!

To be honest, I’ve done so much during this time that I normally would not have done, because I was always so busy. Or  at least I made myself think I was too busy to do the these things and normally wouldn’t have made the time to listen, watch, learn or absorb.

I am extremely fortunate and grateful to live in a country that has managed the pandemic and while we are not out of the woods yet, we can see there is a path ahead.

And whatever the future may look like, we will all truly appreciate and honour all those things we once took for granted.

On the work front, I have taken the opportunity to work ON the business, touch base with people I haven’t spoken with for a while, checked in with colleagues,candidates,  learn how to manage Zoom calls (initially it was a complete stuff up).  And at the end of every day, I can truly say that it was a good day!

Yes, I’m missing my family, visiting my family,cuddles from my children and grandkids, coffee with friends, going to shows and just the ability to do what I want to do when I want to do it.

I know that this time has not been good for many people and with all the technology that’s helped us to keep in touch,  it doesn’t take away from the fact that most of us like to interact physically with people – to shake hands, give a cuddle , touch someone on the shoulder and look someone in the eye and say hello.

I would like to hear your experiences and  how you have managed this period, so please share if you want or give me a ring and just talk to me.

Take care, keep safe and see you on the other side.