Mr Fluffy Saga


I was at the Safety Institute event on Thursday 24/9/2015 when Steven Nikolovski, State Inspector, Asbestos & Demolition Services, Work Health & Safety Division SafeWork NSW (previously known as WorkCover NSW) presented the NSW response to the Mr Fluffy saga.



The background to this story is the company Mr Fluffy was the main installer of loose- fill asbestos for insulating homes in the 1960’s and 1970’s. We are now managing the fall- out from this action.

While we hear a lot from Canberra about their problems we mustn’t forget the problems are also within NSW specifically around the ACT area.

With the increase in home renovation from the TV reality type shows, it’s important that people at home understand how to manage all aspects of asbestos.

In fact there are over 3,000 products identified within Australia that have asbestos. And of course there is the naturally occurring asbestos.

What is the difference?

When does one call in the experts?

If you are thinking about renovating or doing home maintenance visit

If you are an employer or business (or other PCBU) who carries out removal work (or may come into contact with asbestos), you must ensure that you and your workers complete asbestos awareness training.

If loose fill asbestos insulation or naturally occurring asbestos is likely to be found at a workplace, you must provide training in how to identify and manage the associated risks and hazards.

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Safety Services Australia has several senior consultants who are Accredited Class A: Friable and Class B: Non-Friable Asbestos Removal trainers so for any queries you have please contact us on +61 2 9634 5912