Minutes of October Safety Group meeting

Minutes of Safety Group Virtual Meeting on 21st October 2020

 We had 35+ people attend the virtual meeting in October.

The facilitator Michele Stromquist, introduced Alice Cheng and Alex Rowe  from SafeWork NSW.

Alice and Alex presented a case study  of “ David, who was working from home during the COVID pandemic” and discussed the issues  relating to him working at home focusing on ergonomics and mental health issues he was experiencing

One of the many recommendations from the discussion, was while initially a lot of companies sent out checklists to people working from home,  the suggestion  was this be done again to monitor how people are managing.

For all those not able to attend please refer to the link below


The group were able to interactive, ask questions, make comments and while we are still missing the face to face interaction the feedback I received has been very positive. For this reason, we are having the final meeting as a virtual meeting

So our final meeting for 2020 is a virtual meeting at 8am on Thursday 19th November. Please note the change from Wednesday to Thursday An invitation will be sent out later this week